Provincial Assembly of Sindh Jobs 2023 July PTS Application Form Assistants, Engineers, Clerks & Others Latest

Provincial Assembly of Sindh Jobs 2023 July

The Provincial Assembly of Sindh Jobs 2023 for, Engineers, Clerks, and other positions provide an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking a rewarding career in the public sector.

By becoming a part of the legislative body of Sindh province, candidates can actively contribute to the governance and democratic process of the region. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply through the Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) as per the instructions provided in the job advertisement and seize the chance to serve the province of Sindh.

Available positions in Provincial Assembly of Sindh Jobs 2023 July

BPS-19Sindh, Pakistan
01 Consultant PACSindh, Pakistan
BPS-18Sindh, Pakistan
05 Assistant SecretarySindh, Pakistan
01 Director Information TechnologySindh, Pakistan
05 ReportersSindh, Pakistan
BPS-17Sindh, Pakistan
03 Assistant Directors I.TSindh, Pakistan
05 Assistant SecretarySindh, Pakistan
02 Assistant Director NetworkSindh, Pakistan
04 Assistant Engineers (Electrical)Sindh, Pakistan
02 Assistant Engineers (Electronics)Sindh, Pakistan
01 Assistant Director (Monitoring)Sindh, Pakistan
01 Editor of DebatesSindh, Pakistan
01 Law OfficerSindh, Pakistan
02 Public Relations OfficersSindh, Pakistan
02 ReportersSindh, Pakistan
BPS-16Sindh, Pakistan
25 AssistantSindh, Pakistan
04 Assistant Protocol OfficersSindh, Pakistan
01 Assistant Recording OfficerSindh, Pakistan
01 Supervisor LegislationSindh, Pakistan
02 Sub-Editor of DebatesSindh, Pakistan
02 Assistant Security OfficersSindh, Pakistan
03 Assistant LibrarianSindh, Pakistan
BPS-14Sindh, Pakistan
01 PhotographerSindh, Pakistan
02 CameramanSindh, Pakistan
28 Junior Scale StenographersSindh, Pakistan
10 Sub-Engineers (Electrical)Sindh, Pakistan
02 Sub-Engineers (Electronics)Sindh, Pakistan
BPS-13Sindh, Pakistan
01 PhotographerSindh, Pakistan
BPS-12Sindh, Pakistan
01 Data Entry OperatorSindh, Pakistan
BPS-11Sindh, Pakistan
52 Junior ClerksSindh, Pakistan
01 Lady Security AssistantSindh, Pakistan
01 Senior ProofreaderSindh, Pakistan
05 Junior TranslatorsSindh, Pakistan
BPS-09Sindh, Pakistan
14 CaretakersSindh, Pakistan
01 TechnicianSindh, Pakistan
04 Traffic ControllersSindh, Pakistan
08 Record ClerksSindh, Pakistan
20 Security AssistantSindh, Pakistan
10 Security SupervisorsSindh, Pakistan
BPS-07Sindh, Pakistan
03 ProofreadersSindh, Pakistan
19 Junior Security AssistantSindh, Pakistan
02 Watch & Ward AssistantSindh, Pakistan
BPS-06Sindh, Pakistan
10 Air Conditioner Plant OperatorsSindh, Pakistan
BPS-05Sindh, Pakistan
01 Audio System Keyboard OperatorSindh, Pakistan
04 QarieSindh, Pakistan
10 Traffic Controller AssistantSindh, Pakistan
Provincial Assembly of Sindh Jobs 2023 July

Provincial Assembly of Sindh Jobs 2023 July PTS Application Form Download Online

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