Viva Supermarket Jobs in UAE (2023): A Comprehensive Guide to Career Opportunities

Viva Supermarket Jobs

This article explores the range of job positions available at Viva Supermarket Jobs and highlights why pursuing a career with this renowned brand can be a rewarding choice.

With its rapid economic growth and thriving retail sector, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers numerous job opportunities across various industries. Among them, Viva Supermarket stands out as a leading player in the grocery retail market.

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Viva Supermarket Jobs Details

Supermarket           Viva Supermarket
EducationEquivalent degree / diploma holders
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Updated On18 July 2023

Viva Supermarket Jobs Unveiled: Your Gateway to a Thriving Retail Career

Viva Supermarket Jobs

Understanding the Job Market in the UAE

Before diving into the details of Viva Supermarket job opportunities, it is essential to grasp the broader context of the job market in the UAE. The country’s robust economy and strategic location have made it a global hub for trade and commerce.

As a result, the retail sector has witnessed substantial growth, presenting a multitude of employment prospects for job seekers. Retail businesses, like Viva Supermarket, have emerged as major contributors to the UAE’s thriving economy.

Viva Supermarket Jobs Opportunities: Diverse Roles Await You

Viva Supermarket Jobs offers a diverse range of job opportunities, catering to various skill sets and interests. Whether you are passionate about customer service, inventory management, or leadership, there is a role for you at Viva Supermarket. Let’s explore some of the key positions available:

  1. Store Manager: Leading the Team to Success

As a Store Manager at Viva Supermarket, you will be responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the store. Your duties may include managing the staff, ensuring excellent customer service, monitoring sales performance, implementing promotional strategies, and maintaining a positive work environment. This role requires strong leadership skills, exceptional organizational abilities, and a keen business acumen.

  1. Sales Associate: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Sales Associates are the frontline representatives of Viva Supermarket. They greet customers, assist with inquiries, provide product recommendations, handle transactions, and ensure a pleasant shopping experience. This role requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a friendly and approachable demeanor.

  1. Stock Clerk: Ensuring Efficient Inventory Management

Stock Clerks play a crucial role in maintaining the store’s inventory. They receive and inspect deliveries, stock shelves, monitor product expiry dates, and ensure proper product rotation. Attention to detail, good organizational skills, and the ability to work efficiently are essential for this role.

  1. Cashier: Providing Smooth Payment Experiences

Cashiers handle cash transactions, process payments, issue receipts, and maintain accurate cash registers. They also handle customer inquiries and provide assistance when needed. Attention to detail, numerical aptitude, and strong customer service skills are vital in this role.

Qualifications and Skills Required

While specific qualifications and skills vary depending on the role, there are some general requirements that apply to most positions at Viva Supermarket Jobs. Here are the key qualifications and skills to consider:

Educational Background and Experience:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is typically the minimum educational requirement for entry-level positions. However, certain roles may require a bachelor’s degree or relevant certifications.
  • Previous experience in the retail industry can be advantageous but is not always mandatory, as Viva Supermarket provides training for new hires.

Essential Skills for Success at Viva Supermarket Jobs

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to engage with customers and work effectively as part of a team.
  • Excellent customer service abilities to ensure customer satisfaction and build long-lasting relationships.
  • Attention to detail for accurate inventory management, cash handling, and product merchandising.
  • Problem-solving skills to address customer inquiries or resolve issues that may arise.
  • Basic computer literacy to navigate point-of-sale systems and other retail software.

List of vacancies in Viva Supermarket jobs in UAE (2023)

Corporate Office Openings: 
Product ManagerDubai
Area ManagerDubai
Warehouse ManagerDubai
Ongoing Openings: 
Store ManagerDubai
Assist Store ManagerDubai
Team MemberDubai
Warehouse PickerDubai

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the minimum age requirement to work at Viva Supermarket Jobs?

The minimum age requirement to work at Viva Supermarket Jobs is typically 18 years old. However, certain positions may have higher age requirements, such as managerial roles that require more experience and responsibility.

Are there part-time job opportunities available at Viva Supermarket?

Yes, Viva Supermarket Jobs offers part-time job opportunities for individuals who are seeking flexible working hours or have other commitments. Part-time positions may vary based on the store’s needs and may include roles such as sales associates, cashiers, or stock clerks.

What are the working hours at Viva Supermarket?

Working hours at Viva Supermarket can vary depending on the store location, the position, and the shift schedule. Supermarkets typically operate during regular business hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, as they aim to accommodate the needs of their customers. However, specific working hours will be discussed during the hiring process.

Is prior experience in the retail industry necessary to work at Viva Supermarket?

While prior experience in the retail industry can be beneficial, it is not always necessary to work at Viva Supermarket. The company provides training programs for new hires to ensure they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles effectively. Having a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn are important qualities that Viva Supermarket values in its employees.

How does Viva Supermarket support employee development?

Viva Supermarket is committed to the growth and development of its employees. The company provides training programs, both at the start of employment and ongoing, to enhance skills and knowledge relevant to specific roles. Additionally, Viva Supermarket may offer opportunities for advancement within the organization, providing employees with a chance to take on more responsibilities and grow their careers.

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