Latest Jobs in Dubai Customs Careers 2023 | Good Salary

Dubai Customs Careers

Dubai Customs Careers offer new jobs for the hardworking, well-known & educated candidates. They are hiring new staff.

Dubai Customs, the government agency responsible for overseeing the customs and trade regulations in the emirate of Dubai, offers a variety of career opportunities for individuals interested in working in the field of customs and trade. Positions may include roles such as customs inspectors, trade compliance officers, and administrative staff.

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Dubai Customs Careers Jobs Details 2023

CompanyDubai Customs
EducationEquivalent degree / diploma holders
SalaryMentioned below
Updated On5 June 2023

Latest Jobs in Dubai Customs Careers 2023

Dubai Customs Careers

About Dubai Customs

Dubai Customs is a government agency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that is responsible for overseeing the customs and trade regulations in the emirate of Dubai. Its main role is to ensure the security and protection of the country’s borders and to facilitate legitimate trade by providing efficient and effective services to the business community and individuals.

The agency’s main functions include:

  • Implementing and enforcing the customs laws and regulations of the UAE
  • Collecting customs duties and taxes
  • Preventing the illegal import and export of goods
  • Protecting the country from smuggling and other illegal activities
  • Facilitating legitimate trade by providing efficient and effective services to the business community and individuals.

Dubai Customs also plays a key role in the development and implementation of trade policies, and works closely with other government agencies and international organizations to ensure compliance with international trade laws and regulations. Additionally, it provides training and support to the business community to help them comply with customs and trade regulations.

Benefits In Dubai Customs Careers

Working for Dubai Customs Careers can offer a variety of benefits for individuals looking for a career in the field of customs and trade. Some potential benefits of a career with Dubai Customs may include:

  • Competitive salary: Dubai Customs offers competitive salaries to its employees based on their qualifications and experience.
  • Career advancement opportunities: Dubai Customs provides its employees with opportunities for career advancement through training and professional development programs.
  • Benefits package: Dubai Customs offers its employees a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.
  • Job stability: As a government agency, Dubai Customs provides its employees with job stability and a secure working environment.
  • Learning opportunities: Dubai Customs encourages its employees to continuously develop their skills and knowledge, providing them with various learning opportunities through training and development programs.
  • Working in an exciting field: Customs and trade regulations are an essential part of any country’s economy, and working for Dubai Customs allows individuals to be a part of this important sector and to make a positive impact on the community.

It’s worth noting that specific benefits may vary depending on the nature of the job, level of experience and seniority of the employee.

List Of Vacancies In Dubai Customs Careers 2023

Latest Vacancies List

Test analystDubaiView & Apply
Manager government partnershipDubaiView & Apply
Senior project managerDubaiView & Apply
Assistant business analystDubaiView & Apply
Senior manager – business process analysisDubaiView & Apply
Legal researcherDubaiView & Apply
Senior manager it strategy & enterprise architectureDubaiView & Apply
Senior manager customs casesDubaiView & Apply
Senior cameramanDubaiView & Apply
Senior manager infrastructure managementDubaiView & Apply

Old Vacancies List

Senior Application Administrator SiebelDubaiView & Apply
Officer Suggestions & ComplaintsDubaiView & Apply
Technical LeadDubaiView & Apply
Senior Business ArchitectDubaiView & Apply
Director Legal AffairsDubaiView & Apply
AuditorDubaiView & Apply
Engineer ProjectDubaiView & Apply
Assistant Business AnalystDubaiView & Apply
Test AnalystDubaiView & Apply
Application Administrator SiebelDubaiView & Apply
Assistant Analyst Business ProcessDubaiView & Apply
AuditorDubaiView & Apply
Suggestions and complaints officerDubaiView & Apply
Systems development leadDubaiView & Apply
Senior Institutional Design EngineerDubaiView & Apply
Director of the Legal Affairs DepartmentDubaiView & Apply
checkerDubaiView & Apply
projects engineerDubaiView & Apply
Business analyst assistantDubaiView & Apply
AdministrativeDubaiView & Apply
Systems Test AnalystDubaiView & Apply

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